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Pre-Game Report: Last Away Game!

After a weekend free of games, the Harbourside squads are refreshed and ready for their final away game of the season. Their opponent: the Whitecaps FC Academy. 

The women’s Whitecaps crew has continued to dominate the league and the Harbourside ladies are prepared for a solid fight. Coach Bobbie Taylor said the ladies are “fired up after coming off an exciting win and an exhibition win. The team is playing with a level of confidence that is needed for the final stretch of games.” 

On the men’s side, the Whitecaps sit only a few points higher in the table than the Harbourside lads. All of the men’s teams sit only a few points apart, which means Harbourside is still in the running for a playoff position. Coach Kevin Lindo said it will be “another big game.”

“We definitely picked up some confidence and have been working hard to improve defensively. Going forward we’re always a threat. ‘Caps have also picked up steam and are an entertaining side who play footy on the front foot. Should be a big test.”

Get ready for action on all fronts!

The livestreams for both games will be available on Leauge1 BC’s YouTube channel. The women’s game can be found here at 1:15PM PST, and the men’s game will be streamed here at 3:30PM PST.

Up the harbour!

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