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Game Report: The Double W!

What a day! Home turf magic perhaps? Both Harbourside teams were geared up and ready for action, and really showed Burnaby FC what they are made of. Many hard weeks of training, persistence and positivity paid off yesterday, especially for the ladies! The women’s team got their first win against the second ranked team in the league, and the men’s squad is in a great position with playoffs just around the corner. 

Erin Jensen started the ladies off strong with an early goal. Late in the second half, Burnaby’s goalie picked up the ball way outside of the box. Harbourside capitalized on the mistake by getting Sophie Miranda to take the free kick. With sweet composure, she launched the ball into the top right corner. Burnaby managed to squeak in a goal in the 75th minute, but were not able to tie it up. What an incredible and well-deserved day for the ladies.

Sophie Miranda preparing for her free kick.

Sophie Miranda shared her thoughts on the game and how she felt about her free kick:

“I think we got off on the front foot early with the goal by Erin Jensen after a beautiful set up by Jasmine Wilkinson. My set piece really gave us some breathing room and we were able to hold them defensively after that.

I think with this game everything clicked - we played well, and anticipated each other’s movements. We are working well together and I think this win will give us the momentum we need for the final games of the season. I anticipated seeing even more success in the future. Very proud of the girls and their resilience today!"

Check out her goal below.

Emily Rowbotham, the team’s starting goalkeeper and one of the captains, also commented on the team’s amazing day and efforts:

“It feels good to finally get our first win, it’s been a long time coming this season and we were more than deserving on many occasions. It feels amazing to finally get one in the win column. Last time playing [Burnaby] we had large spells where we were the better team, so to get points from the second place team in the league is a great feeling. We had been working all week on our press and playing with intensity and it was executed by everyone today.

Another focus was attacking and defending set pieces. To not concede on a set piece was huge. We brought the focus and intensity in those moments, especially when Burnaby had many chances. It was a huge boost. With Sophie being able to convert on a set piece, [we] completed both our defending and attacking goals for the game.”

Captain Emily Rowbothan directing the Harbourside's ladies.

The men’s team carried the energy forward, and crushed out a solid win as well. So far this season, Suka Behery and Billy Bagiopolous have dominated the scoring sheet. Callum Magog and Tristan Cornwell decided it was their turn to showcase their abilities around the net and put Harbourside in the lead. Billy snuck in a third goal in the 93rd minute to confidently secure the win. Burnaby scored just before the final whistle in a last ditch effort. 

Tristan Cornwell after his goal.

Coach Kevin Lindo said he is “feeling pretty damn good about the results. The performance wasn't perfect, but I was really happy with how the guys stuck together throughout the game. In the end, a huge result against a good team, and most importantly, we picked up a bit of form and we’ve placed ourselves with a chance to crack that top four. The next few weeks are going to be really exciting, and it’s what the lads deserve. They’ve applied themselves impeccably over the last few weeks.”

Next up: July 6 against the Vancouver Whitecaps Elite Academy. Harbourside has two home games left, and they are on back to back days! You will want to be around the weekend of July 20 and 21 to catch the action! Tickets are already available here

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