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Game Report: June 9 against Unity FC

All the points stayed on the mainland this weekend. Both Harbourside teams conceded 3 goals against their newest opponent, Unity FC. Billy Bagiopolous was able to score one goal against Unity in the second half of the men’s game, solidifying him as the leading goal scorer for the lads, but that was the only action the back of Unity’s net got in the two games. 

Both squads feel their performances this weekend were not up to their typical standard. Billy Bagiopolous said the men “didn’t start very well at all and Unity capitalized on it. We tried to come back, we created chances, but we couldn’t do it unfortunately! Back to work in training all next week to prepare for a big game against TSS.” Harbourside’s other key goal scorer commented similarly on the crew’s performance: 

“We started the game very poorly and got punished by a couple early goals. Unfortunately, at this level, that’s what happens when you get caught sleeping. But we reacted pretty well and created a ton of chances and I thought we were the better team for the remainder of the game. We just couldn’t finish all our chances.”

The women were hoping for their first win of the season, but it was a tough game. On the attack, the team continues to strive to be more clinical in the final third and get more numbers in the box. Ruby Nicholas, a forward on the women’s team, noted that “Unity [was] quite tricky with their off the ball movement and it’s clear they’ve played together for some time. It’s not the result we were hoping for but we’ll regroup and are looking forward to going again next week against TSS.”

Be sure to check out @harboursidefc on Instagram for updates and details about next weekend! Up the harbour!

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