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Spotlight Series: Callum Weir’s Experience with Pacific FC

Callum Weir, the starting goalkeeper for Harbourside’s men’s team, has been building quite the athletic resume! Last week, Pacific FC announced him as a short-term replacement keeper on a standard contract. Callum has been an incredible asset to the team, and despite being a goalie, has assisted two goals this season. Harbourside is extremely excited about Callum’s opportunity and had the chance to chat with him to get the inside scoop on his soccer journey. 

Where did you start playing soccer and what has your journey to Harbourside and Pacific looked like?

I started playing at age 6 in Haines Junction when my mom started a soccer club in the community. A few months after that I joined what became the territory's high performance team, the Yukon Selects. I played with the Yukon Selects from 6 until 16 while playing for team Yukon and Western Canada Summer Games and Canada Summer Games. I then joined Vancouver Island Wave for a playoff run that led to a provincial championship and then later an opportunity training with Pacific FCs first team before moving overseas to play with Werder Bremen’s U21s at age 18. After a year I returned to Canada and after a camp with the Canadian National Futsal team and two trials at different CPL clubs, I joined Harbourside FC for the 2023 season. After that, I committed to play for the UVic Vikes which ultimately led to my opportunity at Pacific FC now.

Has playing professionally always been a goal?

Ever since I started playing football at age 6 I’ve had two dreams. Representing my country and playing professional football. So far I have been blessed to have made my international debut with my country against Cuba at the Concacaf Futsal Championship in Nicaragua in April and now signed my first professional contract at Pacific FC. 

Give us the low down on your opportunity with Pacific FC.

My opportunity with Pacific FC has been one that has taken a while to bear fruit. I started training with them during preseason in 2022 at17 and then again at 19 in 2023 before finally coming on full time this year at 20. The season is very busy with training full time and being available for matches with PFC while also playing League one for Harbourside. As busy as it is, it’s a great opportunity for me to continue my development as a professional footballer and as a person at this time in my life. 

How has Harbourside FC assisted with your soccer career, goals and athletic development?

Playing for Harbourside FC has been pivotal in my soccer career because it has allowed me to have the platform to play matches on a regular basis and showcase my abilities. It allowed me to sign for the UVic Vikes and lead me to this opportunity at PFC.

Any other comments?

My journey through football has taken me everywhere around the world, from Greenland to Greece. It has been quite a journey and this is only the beginning. I am extremely lucky about the people who have been around me on my soccer journey so far. My parents are incredibly supportive and coaches I grew up with, like Jake Hanson who has coached me since I started playing, are unexplainably valuable to me. What was incredible about this opportunity with PFC was I was able to play against Valour FC where Joe Hanson plays - a really good friend and essentially brother of mine I grew up playing with in the Yukon. His family, Jake Hanson, (my coach since I was 6), Sarah Hanson and Malorie Hanson, were there to see it. It was a great experience to share with them and I am extremely grateful for it.

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