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Spotlight Series: A Conversation with Alex Dedame - Professional Soccer in Europe

Introducing Alex Dedame: a born and raised islander who went big in Europe. Read below about his pathway to semi-professional European soccer and how he's come come full circle with Kevin Lindo as his coach at Harbourside!

Dedame in Harbourside's most recent game against Burnaby FC.

Where did you start playing soccer, and what was your soccer journey before playing professionally and in League1?

I started playing soccer on Gabriola Island, and moved onto Nanaimo when I entered high school with VIPL storm and Kevin Lindo at the island Whitecaps Academy.

Did you play university soccer or go straight to professional in Europe?

From high school I went straight to a football academy in Valencia, Spain (2017) to compete at the amateur and semi pro level.

Who have you played for in Europe?

Who I’ve played for in Europe:

  • Spain - Silla CF (2018)

  • England - Bracknell Town FC/ Sandhurst Town FC (2019-2021)

  • France - RC La Baie (2023)

  • Andorra - CF Athletic America (2024)

What was your European experience like?

Going to Europe was probably the best decision I made! It was humbling to experience different cultures wherever I went, it gave me a new perspective on life and I feel I really grew into myself being there. I met some really great friends and enjoyed many beautiful moments! And the majority of my family live in France, so it was great to be close to them as well.

What made you decide to come play for Harbourside?

I decided to come back to Harbourside since my season in Europe ended, and I wanted to continue playing over the summer! Kevin has also been there for me all these years and was gracious enough to save me a spot.

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