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Pre-Game Report: Whitecaps Game at Home!

Tomorrow is Harbourside’s second home game of the season and it’s going to be a solid battle! 

Last weekend vs. Altitude FC @marytookaphoto

The ladies are up against quite the opponent. Whitecaps FC has dominated their games, scoring a whopping 12 goals in two matches. Harbourside’s game on Wednesday against Altitude FC resulted in a tie. Harbourside led 2-1 for the majority of the match, but Altitude pulled through with a late goal. At practice on Thursday, Kaiden Thorpe and Shea Battie mentioned that the ladies’ defensive transition was good, but are hoping to improve it a bit more going into Saturday. Battie noted that they played out of the back efficiently last weekend, which will be important against the Whitecaps. The goalkeeper this weekend will be Emily Rowbotham, and she also mentioned it will be key for them to act as a “team unit and play out of the back well.” Defense is on the team’s mind. During practice on Thursday, Coach Bobbie Taylor hyped up the team. She reminded them the importance of “staying switched on,” and the need for “relentless defending.” Battie gave us the lowdown on the upcoming game:

“[The Whitecaps] are a big team…we can’t say our plan, but we are prepared. We’re going to play them like any other team, and play hard. We’ve kept tight scores so far this year, we want to keep doing that. We’ve really built up the team this year, who knows what’s going to happen.”

Wednesday’s game resulted in a loss for the men’s team, but they are still ranked second behind Unity FC. The men’s Whitecaps FC Academy team is currently ranked last out of the seven teams in the men’s league. However, it is still early in the season, and the Whitecaps have only played two games. The table is in constant motion. Anything can happen. Fergus Hall from Harbourside’s men’s squad said that “[t]his weekend we are looking to bounce back from Wednesday and continue to make our home field a fortress.” They are ready to go!

For more information on game day, be sure to check the League1 app, as well as our Instagram @harboursidefc. See you at the game!

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